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The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-

The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-
The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-
The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-
The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-
The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-
The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-
The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-
The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-

The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-   The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-


With some light scuffing (see photos). Owned for 24 years & never played - glossy and looks New to Near Mint visually. OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES ARE AVAILABLE. ARE NOW or WILL BE LISTED SOON.

A KNIGHT'S HARD DAY. The following is the grading system first developed by Goldmine Records. Virtually all methods currently in use for the grading of records, is based in some way, shape, or form, on this system. Rather than offer some variation of the original system first developed by Goldmine, the Record Collector's Guild will display the Goldmine record grading method in it's entirety.

In an ideal world, every record would be played before it is graded. Some advertisers play-grade everything and say so. But unless otherwise noted, records are visually graded. Look at everything about a record.

It's playing surface, it's label, it's edges... Then based on your overall impression give it a grade based on the following criteria. Mint (M) Absolutely perfect in every way. Certainly never been played, possibly even still sealed.

(More on still sealed under "Other Considerations"). Should be used sparingly as a grade, If at all.

Near Mint (NM or M-) A nearly perfect record. Many dealers won't give a grade higher than this implying (perhaps correctly)that no record is ever truly perfect. The record should show no obvious signs of wear.

An LP cover should have no creases, folds, seam splits or other noticeable similar defects. And of course, the same should be true of any other inserts, such as posters, lyric sleeves and the like. Basically, an LP in near mint condition looks as if you just got it home from a new record store and removed the shrink wrap. Near Mint is the highest price listed in all Goldmine price guides.

Very Good Plus (VG+) Generally worth 50 percent of the Near Mint value. A Very Good Plus record will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it.

Record surfaces may show some signs of wear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don't affect one's listening experiences. Slight warps that do not affect the sound are "OK". The label may have some ring wear or discoloration, but it should be barely noticeable. The center hole will not have been misshapen by repeated play.

Picture sleeves and LP inner sleeves will have some slight wear, lightly turned up corners, or a slight seam split. In general, if not for a couple things wrong with it, this would be Near Mint.

All but the most mint-crazy collectors will find a Very Good Plus record highly acceptable. Very Good (VG) Generally worth 25 percent of Near Mint value. Many of the defects found in a VG+ record will be more pronounced in a VG disc.

Surface noise will be evident upon playing, especially in soft passages and during a song's intro and fade, but will not overpower the music otherwise. Groove wear will start to be noticeable, as with light scratches (deep enough to feel with a fingernail) that will affect the sound.

Labels may be marred by writing, or have tape or stickers (or their residue) attached. The same will be true of picture sleeves or LP covers.

However, it will not have all of these problems at the same time, only two or three of them. Goldmine price guides with more than one price will list Very Good as the lowest price.

This, not the Near Mint price, should be your guide when determining how much a record is worth, as that is the price a dealer will normally pay you for a Near Mint record. Good (G), Good Plus (G+) Generally worth 10-15 percent of the Near Mint value. Good does not mean Bad!

A record in Good or Good Plus condition can be put onto a turntable and will play through without skipping. But it will have significant surface noise and scratches and visible groove wear (on a styrene record, the groove will be starting to turn white). A cover or sleeve will have seam splits, especially at the bottom or on the spine. Tape, writing, ring wear or other defects will start to overwhelm the object. It is a common item, you'll probably find another copy in better shape eventually.

But, if it's something you have been seeking for years, and the price is right, get it... But keep looking to upgrade.

Generally worth 0-5 percent of the Near Mint price. The record is cracked, badly warped, and won't play through without skipping or repeating. The picture sleeve is water damaged, split on all three seams and heavily marred by wear and writing. The LP cover barely keeps the LP inside it. Inner sleeves are fully seam split, crinkled, and written upon. Most dealers give a separate grade to the record and it's sleeve or cover. In an ad, a record's grade is listed first, followed by that of the sleeve or the cover. Unless it'a a U. Pressing from the last 10-15 years or so. It's too easy to reseal one.

Yes, some legitimately never-opened LP's from the 1960's still exist. But if you're looking for a specific pressing, the only way you can know for sure is to open the record. ALL MY RECORDS ARE VISUALLY GRADED. The item "The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-" is in sale since Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

This item is in the category "Music\Vinyl Records". The seller is "thelastrecordcollector" and is located in Sebastopol, California. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, China, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan, Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bahamas, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi arabia, Ukraine, United arab emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Croatia, Malaysia, Chile, Colombia, Costa rica, Dominican republic, Panama, Trinidad and tobago, Guatemala, El salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Antigua and barbuda, Aruba, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Saint kitts and nevis, Saint lucia, Montserrat, Turks and caicos islands, Barbados, Bermuda, Brunei darussalam, Bolivia, French guiana, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Jersey, Jordan, Cambodia, Cayman islands, Liechtenstein, Sri lanka, Luxembourg, Monaco, Macao, Martinique, Maldives, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Reunion, Uruguay, Russian federation.
  1. Artist: The Beatles
  2. Speed: 33 RPM
  3. Record Label: SAPCOR
  4. Release Title: HEY JULIAN
  5. Material: Vinyl
  6. Edition: Collector's Edition
  7. Type: Double LP
  8. Format: Double Vinyl Record
  9. Record Grading: Excellent (EX)
  10. Sleeve Grading: Very Good Plus (VG+)
  11. Instrument: Guitar
  12. Record Size: 12"
  13. Style: British Invasion
  14. Genre: Pop

The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-   The Beatles HEY JULIAN (JUDE) -2LP-SAPCOR-Not TMOQ-Used-Cover VG+ Vinyl EX/NM-